Courtesy Tier

Courtesy Tier is a three piece rock band from New York City. Rebel Blues, Vintage Rock, Hard Bop, Nineties & Soul fuse with towering 3 part harmonies to create a restless noise, served in twilight, with the grit and spirit of their NYC forbearers (Lou Reed, Suicide, Mingus, Patti Smith, Run DMC, Talking Heads, Ramones).


Dan Abraham

by Dan Abraham

New York-based songwriter, Dan Abraham, puts a new spin on indie-folk. It's evident that he's first and foremost a pop songwriter: on "Golden", with vocal inflections reminiscent of The Black Keys, Abraham reminisces on lost love with bitter clarity and 20/20 hindsight, over warbling, chorus-drenched guitars and a punchy rhythm section. However, on "As Things Move" and "Alive", Abraham's approach is much more steeped in the folk tradition, with delicate, fingerpicked acoustic guitar and lyrics rife with desperation and longing. "Another day in the life/Without taking a pill to survive/God knows if we'll make it alive." - Ethan Ames